Welcome to the SeekGrowLove.com devotions blog!   How exciting to see you here!  We look forward to growing together as we read God’s Word.

In our 2022 Bible reading plan we are intentionally slowing down and focusing on just ONE Bible chapter every day.  Through the year we will cover every chapter of the New Testament (all 260 chapters).  We will spread out the 4 gospels throughout the year (starting with Matthew, John leading up to Resurrection Sunday, Mark in the summer and finishing off the year with Luke).  The reading plan will also include 105 chapters hitting the highlights of the Old Testament, with at least one chapter from each OT book.    We are also adding in discussion/reflection questions every day.  These can be helpful in your own devotion and possibly journaling time.  It is also a great opportunity to prompt discussion during family devotions for all ages or perhaps with an accountability partner or youth or adult Bible class.   Did you know that one of the best indicators for if a child/youth will remain connected to God and the church as they grow is if they regularly read the Bible as a child/youth?  Who will you encourage in their Bible reading?    

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God has wonderful things in His Word to show you in 2022!



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