July 24: Genesis 1-3

Are you shining brightly?

The first few chapters of Genesis sure create a lot of discussion & debate related to how the world began. But beyond the science, there are some profound spiritual truths that are worth considering. Here are just two to get you started.

1. God created you in His image. That means you are no random accident of the universe. God knows you & loves you. That truth is found throughout the Scriptures. Spend a minute thinking about that & thank God for your uniqueness.

2. God created light out of the darkness. We find that “light” is also symbolic for truth and purity on many occasions in the Bible. Jesus used the imagery of “light” to challenge his followers to live in such a way that they “shine” in a dark world. Light pierces darkness every time. And yet it can be challenging to live that way both at home and on campus (high school or college). So, here’s a question…are you “shining brightly” as a light? If not, what needs to change for you to become a brighter light for God?

-Seth Ross

 Thank you so much to Pastor Seth Ross who volunteered to write our first week of devotions!  If you didn’t get a chance to meet Seth you might be interested in knowing . . . 

Seth Ross has been working with students for 25 years. He’s been a youth leader, served on staff at the event we know as FUEL, been on our national Youth Advisory Committee, and has been our National Youth Coordinator (Turning Point Youth Ministries) for the past several years.  He & his wife Stacey have 3 boys, Isaac, Jacob, & Luke, who often make appearances on Facebook. Seth loves students & wants desperately to help them see the world as God sees it, not as culture wants them to see it.

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