Tuesday, July 26 – Genesis 8-11

Confident in His Covenants

Following the flood, God made a promise to Noah that he would never again destroy the world with water. This promise is referred to as a covenant. A covenant is an oath or a promise made by God that He will keep regardless of our actions or belief. He’s made several significant promises (or covenants) through history. He made a covenant with Abraham that he would be the father of a nation. Abraham’s descendants became known as the nation of Israel. Later he made a covenant with King David that the Messiah would be born from his lineage. When Jesus was born, New Testament writers make sure to point out that his family line could be traced back to David.
As you read the Bible, you can always look to God’s covenants with confidence that He will keep His promises. He always has. He always will. God can be trusted to do what He says.

— Seth Ross

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