Sunday, July 31 – Genesis 26-28

Faithful to Every Generation

4653728769_4c1597e444_oBy Michael Himbeault (

[CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


As you read these chapters, did you catch the passing of the promise from one generation to the next and then to the next one after that?

Last week you read in Chapter 12 God making a covenant with Abram promising land and descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. Today, you read that the same covenant was passed along to Abram’s son, Isaac (in Chapter 26) and then again to Isaac’s son, Jacob (in Chapter 28).

The crazy thing is that none of these Biblical Patriarchs lived to see the fulfillment of God’s promise. But that didn’t stop them from living an obedient life and expecting the promises to come to fruition at some point.

So what does this mean to us, so many generations later?

  1. God has a plan and this plan will prevail.
  2. Just because we don’t know the details of the plan, doesn’t mean that He is not trustworthy.
  3. We are called to be obedient when God recruits us to be part of the plan.
  4. God’s timing is often much different than what we can possibly understand…so resist developing your personal agenda in the meantime.

So whether we are waiting on the coming Kingdom, or waiting for God to answer prayers for peace, healing, restoring a relationship, providing direction for what steps to take next in a major decision, or something else you’re wrestling with, firmly believe that God is faithful in His promises.

Many Blessings,

-bethany ligon
Bethany Ligon is super excited to be involved with this year long Bible reading plan. She has been part of FUEL since she started attending (before it was known as FUEL) in 1987, only missing a few years here and there. When not acting as one of the FUEL Directors, she is a Technology Integration Facilitator (fancy term for working with teachers)  in her local school district. She is married to Daryl, has an awesome niece, Whitney, and loves to eat tortilla chips and salsa. Go ahead and follow her on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat @bethanyligon.   

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