What Will You Sacrifice?

Genesis 4_4 b
One of the first stories in the Bible is the story of Cain and Abel. It’s in Genesis chapter 4. Do you ever stop to think about why God liked the sacrifice of Abel more than the sacrifice of Cain? Cain knew that food was important so he plowed and planted so that there would be food for the family. While Abel chose to watch the sheep, and the question is why – because they didn’t eat sheep. When Abel saw the product of a sheep, that the firstborn was very perfect, he sacrificed it to God. Cain also sacrificed from the product of his field. To Cain food was important so he was doing good. But for Abel the sacrifice to God was first. it was the first thing in his thought.
What should we be doing? We should think about what we’re sacrificing for God every minute of the day with everything that God gives us. So that our sacrifice will be pleasing to God. Then we will be following the sacrifice of Abel, but when we wake up and go to work and go about our daily life and then have time for God also, we’re following the sacrifice of Cain. Look at Hebrews 11 verse 4. Let’s follow the example of Abel and put God first in our life.
-Larry Rankin

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