Life is Short – Live on Purpose

james 4 14

Have you ever really thought about the length of a life? James 4:14 tells us our life is like a ‘vapor in the wind’, here and gone in a flash. We only have a precious little while to live, to learn, to love. To help someone in need, to work, to play, to laugh, cry, mourn, model, teach, encourage, and bless. Only a little while to pray, sing, dance, fellowship, make memories. It seems like forever at first, but the wheel is spinning. And someday too soon, it will stop. How far did you travel? Did you choose wisely the roads you experienced, or did you never have a plan? Did you have a destination in mind, or just get in the car and drive? Will the map of your life show a journey of love and gratitude, or carelessness and self-absorption? One day all the stops on our map will be seen. Drive well:)

-Barb Fuller


Barb is very active with the teenagers at Cashmere and this year she volunteered to work with Cyrus Catanus at the National Youth Seminar held in Initao, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines. She often shares her observations with Scripture. She believes that social media is to be used for spiritual instruction.

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