Ready for a New Year!

In God’s Word!

2020 has been quite a year – of Bible devotions! Thank you to all our writers this past year! You have helped us see into God’s word. Let’s press on into 2021 to see what God wants to teach us in the New Year He has given. Our new Bible reading plan

will include some Old Testament and either New Testament or Psalms/Proverbs every day. Daily devotions will either be based upon one of the readings for the day – OR – the writer may choose a Biblical topic to discuss for the week. Become a follower at to receive daily email devotions all year, with a new writer every week. Make this year THE year to get closer to your Creator and His Son than you have ever been before! Dig into His Word!

3 thoughts on “Ready for a New Year!”

  1. Thank you so much for these devotionals. Thankful for someone who shared these postings. i will look forward to these throughout the year as I travel through 2021! Blessings.


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