So Many Questions

1 Corinthians 6

June 7

Paul is full of questions.  Should you go to court against your neighbor?  Is it possible that you are capable of judging in even a small court?  Can you not as brothers in Christ decide your own lawsuits against one another?  Is it not better to be cheated or wronged?  These are just a few questions you will discover in this chapter.  Paul was just getting started when he asked: (9) “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?”  Now, unrighteous covers a lot of territory.  Self-examination is encouraged for each of us. Are you ready?  Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, homosexuals, and those who are effeminate will not inherit the kingdom of God. But wait there’s more behaviors that are pointed out.  Thievery, or covetous, that’s a given already covered in the 10 Commandments. Should I keep going?  Drunkards, revilers, or swindlers are excluded from the kingdom too. I had to look revilers up in the dictionary. I am sure I used to know its meaning, but my memory failed me today. A reviler is someone who is verbally abusive, criticizing in anger.                                         

Here comes the good part.  Paul reminds them that some have turned away from evil and have been washed, sanctified and justified in the name of Jesus and in the Spirit of God.  How wonderful to be redeemed!                 

There are several other important points that Paul goes on to make in chapter 6 and they shouldn’t be missed.  For instance, you can eat whatever you want, but is it healthy for you.  A carton of ice cream (butter pecan) is legal to eat in one sitting, but it would not be the right thing for anyone.    Paul goes on to say that the same is true in other aspects of an individual’s life.  As Christians, we are to flee immorality.  Joining with a prostitute makes you one with her.  We are to be in one spirit with the Lord.  Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you.  Remember, in Christ we have been bought with a price and we are to glorify God in our body.

-Bob Collier

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  1. What were some of the questions Paul asked the church at Corinth?
  2. Can you think of some life actions unacceptable to God that are not mentioned in this chapter?
  3. What will you pray about today?
  4. Knowing what you read today, what needs changing in your life?    

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