God Speaking to You

Old Testament Reading: Genesis 41 & 42

Psalms Reading: Psalm 23

New Testament Reading: Matthew 22

I have recently developed a new appreciation for the Psalms. I am not one that enjoys poetry; I prefer historical accounts and factual information (I know; what a nerd!). However, after joining a weekly prayer meeting with a group of pastors in town, I have grown to see that the Psalms are not to be read like most of the other books; instead of reading for information, the Psalms are meant to be read to “hear”. We often call the Bible “the Word of God”, but rarely do we treat it like God is speaking to us. That is how I have learned to read this set of poems and songs, and I’d encourage you to try it.

In Psalm 23, God tells us that He is our shepherd, guiding us along life’s difficult paths towards green pastures and waters of rest. Although most of us don’t know what it’s like to be a sheep herder, what is obvious is that shepherds care for their flocks. They make sure that their flock has water, food, and shelter; they make sure that their flock is at peace and protected from danger. This is what God does for us as our shepherd; he provides, protects, and allows us to enjoy rest.

In a time when anxiety is higher than it has ever been, and people are worried about all sorts of different issues, this Psalm should speak to every single one of us and be an encouragement. We don’t need to worry, like Jesus says (Matthew 6:34); God has us and will take care of what we need. He allows us to rest in peace when we are in His presence, safe from the difficulties that surround us. The only requirement we have is to follow Him and stay close to Him, because
when we are with the Great Shepherd, nothing can harm us.

Our Father is calling to you today; calling you to come before Him and calling you to rest. Enjoy this wonderful, merciful gift now, knowing that He has everything taken care of.

-Talon Paul

Reflection Questions

  1. If you haven’t yet, reread Psalm 23 specifically looking for what God is speaking to you about Himself.
  2. Is God promising to remove all scary, bad things from your life if you follow Him (see especially verses 4 & 5)? What does He offer to remedy anxiety and worry even in the midst of dark shadows and enemies?
  3. How have you already benefited by having God as your shepherd? Is anything required from you to remain part of His flock?

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