Thursday, July 28 – Genesis 17-19

Trust – and Obey!

Today’s chapters contain 3 really odd stories… the covenant of circumcision, a 90-year old woman being told she’d have a child, and Sodom & Gomorrah. While the details of the stories are very different, an important theme emerges. God expects obedience, and obedience results in blessing. Disobedience comes with consequences, either immediate or delayed.

That’s probably not new information. The part we often overlook is what makes obedience possible. Think about people in your life that your expected to obey. I’d guess you feel some are easier to obey than others. What’s the difference? I suggest the key is TRUST. When you trust someone, it’s easier to obey them. Why? You know they have your best interest in mind.

God loves you more than anyone on this planet will ever love you. And so he has your best interest in mind… all the time. Every time. Even when He asks us to do things that seem out of step with our culture, that seem old-fashioned, that seem archaic. It can be difficult to obey God in our sexuality, relationships, language, behavior, ethics, morality. Why? Probably because we don’t really trust God. We might think He doesn’t really know what He’s talking about. But he does, and internally we all know that. Even if we don’t like it.

So… do you trust God? Do you believe He wants the best for you? If that’s true, then obeying Him is easier (even if it’s not easy). And if you’ve had a difficult time obeying… maybe the best place to begin is learning to trust God.

— Seth Ross

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