Friday, July 29 – Genesis 20-23

What is Your Highest Priority?

In Genesis 22, God tested Abraham’s faith in a serious way by asking him to sacrifice his own son. It’s a story that foreshadows what God did for us by sacrificing His son for us. It’s a powerful image, even if it’s difficult to comprehend. While none of us will likely be asked to make that same choice, God does call us to make sacrifices for him. I like how this author asked the question…
God tested Abraham’s faith and in doing so pushed him into an uncomfortable situation. What is something or someone you love more than anything else? Mentally insert the answer in the blank space below.

“For now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld __________ from Me.”

Would this be true of you if God asked you to make a sacrifice? Yes or No? If no, what might you need to consider in order for God to have the highest priority in your life?

— Seth Ross

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