That Same Spot

The same spot

Read Acts 3:1-10

Every time I go to the store they are always in that same spot. Always holding a sign, and the majority of them never looking very happy. Not that they have any reason to be happy. They are obviously standing there for a reason that probably doesn’t make anyone want to smile.

You drive along past them, and then it happens, a waterfall of guilt, distrust, and pride hit you all at once. First, the guilt because you feel bad that you could have spent a few dollars less and helped them.

Second distrust because you don’t know what they would do with the money. Maybe they spend it on drugs. Perhaps they are an alcoholic that needs money to fill a bad habit. They possibly could just be a person with a sign and a less than honest mindset.

Third pride because now you are thinking to yourself one of two things you are justifying your restraint to give them money because of reason number two, or you are proud of yourself for turning around and giving them money or food. Either way, they probably will be there tomorrow.

I have heard of many different ways to handle the homeless and the poor, but only one way sticks out to me. That is, speaking life into someone’s situation. Jesus was the best at this, and he taught his disciples to do this too. In Acts 3 in the first scene that we see is Peter and John walking up to the temple during the hour of prayer. As they are going about their business, this crippled man, that is always in the same spot starts begging them for some money. Once he gets their attention, and Peter and John realize what is happening, Peter answers this way, (Acts 3:6) “I do not possess silver or gold but what I do have I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, walk!”. And the man began to jump and praise God.

Peter and John could have easily ignored or found money to give this man, but instead, they spoke life into his situation, and a miracle happened. Now I am not saying that every situation you encounter will end up like this one. However we have something that money cannot buy, and that is a message of a great kingdom, and of a great king, that is much greater than all treasure.

Here is my take away, next time you find yourself in this situation and you are NOT ALONE, ask that person if you can pray with them, or take interest in their life, so that you may speak life into their situation just like Peter and John. You might find that they will no longer be in THAT SAME SPOT.

Jesse Allen


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