On the Counter

Acts 4 13

Read Acts 4 (especially verses 13-22)

Grandma Wilma was the best cook. It was universally accepted by my family. She cooked everything from homemade chicken and dumplings, to the best lemon cake you have ever had. Even when she made bacon we all fought over the little bits that were leftover. It was all so delicious.

I was a curious child so I always wanted to help grandma cook. It was fascinating. I loved to see all the different ingredients for everything and it finally got to the point where I would sit on the counter next to the stove and constantly ask questions about how everything was cooked. Thus, my love for cooking began. Now I am no well-trained chef but I can cook anything because of the principles my Grandma Wilma taught me, and I am confident that I can learn more because of the time I spent with her.

In chapter 4 of Acts, we see that Peter and John are being ridiculed for healing the man in the previous chapter. They are also still speaking about the resurrection of Jesus in such a way that it is bothering the chief priests and scribes. Not only are they speaking about this they are recognizably untrained by a temple priest; however, they are recognized by having been with Jesus. (Now he was a pretty cool guy) Apparently, Jesus’ influence led Peter and John to understand certain things and have confidence in the message that Jesus had told them to speak about the kingdom and the resurrection.

After they spoke they were threatened to death if they kept talking about the resurrection, but having seen Jesus after His resurrection they knew they did not have to fear the ones who were threatening them.

Just like my Grandma was able to teach me how to cook when I sat next to her on the counter, Jesus was able to teach and show the disciples how to teach boldly, and have confidence in the message because they had been with Him. This is the definition of discipleship. They didn’t need a fancy education to understand what Jesus had done for them, or what he had started. All they needed was to be with Him.

Here is my take away, the more time you spend in Jesus’ teachings and discovering what He said, the more confident you will be in your ability to share those teachings. Some people might even recognize you as having been with Jesus.

Jesse Allen


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