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Acts 5:27-32

God’s Not Dead. These movies are inspiring to me. Especially the second one, where the teacher is put on trial for her comments about Jesus. Now I don’t remember the whole story but I believe she wins the court case in the end, even though she had to go through some rash times. This movie sets a modern example for what Peter and John had dealt with in Acts 5:27-32.

Peter and John are once again preaching the Gospel and spreading the news of Jesus’ resurrection when they are stopped by the High Priests and associates. They were told before to not speak of Jesus or the resurrection otherwise they would be punished. But even in the presence of powerful men Peter answers with this “We must obey God rather than man.” (Does this sound familiar? Peter himself once tried to rebuke Jesus and almost this same phrase came from Jesus’ mouth. Matthew 16:23) After that Peter and John were flogged and released, but they were glad they were able to suffer for obeying God.

In God’s Not Dead 2 the teacher did not recant her words. Meaning she willingly accepted any punishment that would be appropriate in court – including losing her teaching license. It may not seem comparable to Peter and John, however it still was a big deal.

Here is my takeaway, Christianity is not fluffy. Christ call us to “Take up our cross” and follow Him. This means that when we speak the Gospel and we stand up to obey God rather than men, that it may be the most difficult thing we do.


Jesse Allen


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