Sharing the Pearl of Great Price

Matt 13 45 46

Matthew 13:45,46 – the Parable of the Pearl of Great Price

We applied this parable to Our Hope of the Kingdom. Now let’s think about applying it to the hope of others for the kingdom. When we go out to preach about the kingdom we should realize that we’re holding the pearl of great price. It is so valuable because everybody needs it and everybody wants it, they just don’t know where to find it. We have it and we should be bold to show them where it is. To explain the kingdom to them and teach them about the kingdom. It is the pearl of great price it’s what everybody wants and everybody needs. So let’s preach without fainting or without looking back to what we have had in this world.

Just like the one who sold all he had to get the kingdom we should be willing to sell all we have to tell others about the kingdom. Hebrews 12 verse one tells us to lay aside every weight and run the race. God has given us this world not that we should enjoy it as if it were the kingdom but that we should use it to bring others to God’s Kingdom. So let’s abandon our desire for enjoyment now in the search for the joy that comes in finding the kingdom whether it be us that finds it or whether it be through our effort others that find it.

-Larry Rankin

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