A Wedding

John 2

I can relate to Mary at the wedding in Cana. The proud momma wanting to show off her son. Here she is, celebrating at a beautiful wedding, eagerly pushing her talented son forward to perform and save the day, as she knows he can. He seems reluctant. The timing isn’t right. He isn’t ready to draw attention to himself yet. But she pushes ahead and doesn’t accept no for an answer. She is eager to show him off and watch him work. And, it just might be kind of advantageous for her when the neighbors find out what her son can do. It would be interesting to know if Mary had received a prompting from God that this was the time for Jesus’ miracles to begin, or if she was acting on her own.

I admire the servants. Even without knowing of the miracles Jesus would yet perform, they are quick to listen and obey, fully. They filled those jars with water – to the brim. And, then, not knowing how it would turn out – they followed his directions and brought some of this mystery liquid to the master of the banquet. I can imagine they were relieved to find the master was impressed. They sure had a story to tell their friends and family! I want to serve wholeheartedly like these servants, following Jesus’ every word even when work and risks are involved and the outcome is uncertain.

I have often felt the hesitation Jesus seems to show in this passage at the very beginning of his ministry. Perhaps unsure of the timing or his role? Should he listen to his mother or his gut instinct that said this wasn’t the time. Just like me and every other human, Jesus was not in control of his circumstances. Jesus had free will and made decisions and other people’s decisions would impact him greatly as well. Sometimes people cooperated with him and his plans and ideas and timing and other times they resisted and went their own direction – sometimes taking him on a path he did not choose for himself. But because of his strong connection to His Father developed through study of the Scriptures (knowing God’s words and thoughts and character and how he has acted in the past) and much time spent with God in prayer he carried out so beautifully the Father’s will, not necessarily his own, every step of the way.

Too often my own hesitation causes me to overthink and I end up not doing anything. I need to take more time in His Word and in prayer so I can more clearly see what opportunities God is putting in my path and make the most of them.

The end results of Jesus’ first miracle were the wedding guests continued their celebration and Jesus’ momma went home happy. But, more importantly, the disciples saw his glory – John did not say his deity – but his glory, his magnificence, his connection with his Father.

-Marcia Railton

Today’s Bible reading passages can be read or listened to at BibleGateway here – Joshua 21-22 and John 2

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