Breaking Out Into Song

Revelation 15

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Oddly enough, as I read through Revelation 15, I thought of so many Disney movies. No, not the fictional characters or the talking animals. Instead, the random break out in song no matter what else is going on or crazy circumstances that they are in. 

We are given the picture of the angels holding the plagues that would complete God’s wrath –  and then take a look to the left, a song breaks out and all those that were singing had harps that were given to them by God. Timing seems pretty odd with the upcoming events about to take place.

They are singing 2 songs – both redemption songs. One like the one that Moses sings after He had freed them from slavery in Egypt and the other a saving from death and destruction He provided through Christ. These songs are giving God glory and praise for what He has done. 

It doesn’t matter what is happening around them, the singers have reason to sing. They have been saved by an amazing conquering God. We too have reason to sing. It may seem weird to break out and sing at random moments but I think that is a glimpse of the kingdom. We will sing praises to the God that is worthy to be praised.

The angels are about to spread the plagues and the redeemed are singing to their God. 

Not to make light of these events foretold, but our world at times may feel like a plague is upon us. We still have reason to sing. Never miss an opportunity to sing praises to our God. Don’t let the distractions of this world get in the way of our ultimate purpose; to worship the one that sets us free. 

-John Wincapaw

Reflection Questions

  1. How can you practice giving God praise and glory even in the midst of scary, overwhelming or unknown circumstances? How can you bring glory to His name in the midst of your activities?
  2. How does music help us display our emotions?
  3. Create a short (or long) song of praise to God, using the song of Revelation 15 as inspiration. What do you praise Him for? Do you fear Him as well (Revelation 15:4)? Why?

The Home-stretch Begins

Revelation 15

Revelation 15 4 NIV

In our reading of Revelation we have come across so much : scrolls, and seals, and Lambs that are Lions, and Beasts and Dragons. I can understand if your head is spinning and you just want a moment to rest in a short, easy chapter. Though Revelation 15 is short, it is not easy. However, we are in the home stretch. We are closer to the end of this great revelation given by Jesus Christ to his servants.
In this chapter, the main action is that God is sending out seven angels with seven plagues. Those who have won victory over the beast recognize that God is holy, and in the end, all the nations will worship Him. (Rev. 15:4) Then the angels head out from the tabernacle, and smoke comes and fills the sanctuary. Smoke coming down represents God’s glory filling this “tabernacle of testimony.” (Compare Exodus 19:18, 20:18) This opens up an interesting insight for us as the people of God. When some see the plagues and the wrath of God, they see a violent deity of a violent people, demanding something to which He is not entitled. For Christians, we see the wrath of God as an act of the glory of God. The greatest joy a person can know is to experience connection to God. In Revelation 15 God, in His glory, is doing this final act of plagues and bowls of wrath to bring the whole world to worship him. While it is harsh, it is God’s love and not hatred that drives his wrath over a world that rejects him. He wants the world to turn to him, and even THIS will not work, as our study of the previous chapters have shown.
Praise God that you stand among the company of the saved. 
Pray for the mercy of God upon those who have not yet believed, that they might come to believe. 
Pray that it will not take the plagues of the seven angels and the bowls of God’s wrath. 
Jake Ballard
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