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Luke 14 & 15

(My apologies for sending out the wrong chapter yesterday.  I was getting ahead of myself.  So, here today we have the youth of Blood River Church with Luke 14 & 15 to help us get caught up.)

Luke 14
Hey My name is Colten. I love hunting and fishing. I am currently serving in the Navy. I grew up in Indiana and Louisiana. I can’t wait to dive into Luke 14 with you 
Luke 14:13-14
“Instead, invite the poor, the lame, and the blind. Then at the Resurrection of the righteous, God will reward you for inviting those who could not repay you.”
We are called to spread the word and the love of Christ around the world right? But why do you do it? Is it because he asks us to? Or is it because you can have a spot in the kingdom for it?
In this verse it tells us we will be rewarded for inviting those who could not pay, but would you do it if there was no reward? That is the big question! You see almost everyone nowadays expects something from everything! But how much do you think the world would change if we did something expecting nothing as Pastor John said in his thanksgiving sermon in 2018. So how about the rest of 2019 we do something for nothing? I am willing to accept the challege, but are you?
Luke 15
Hi, my name is Russell, and i’m from Springfield, LA. Im 16, and I play Baseball for my school as well as track. I love hunting, and fishing. I love my family and my church. 
Luke 15:6
Luke 15:9
Luke 15:32
Imagine this, a boy goes to Home Depot with his father to purchase some lumber. While moving the boards from the rack to the cart the boy puts his phone down on a nearby stack of boards. So the father and boy check out.  After loading the boards in the truck the boy rushes into the store because he couldn’t find his phone.  He searched and searched  and when he found it he rejoiced and was glad for he had found his phone. That boy was me.
I rejoiced in the same way that the man found his sheep, the woman her coin and the father his son. Always rejoice when you find something you have lost no matter how small it is.
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